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  • How long is the expected processing period for the recruitment application?

    The recruitment of female workers varies according to the nationality of the Filipino female worker or maid

    Bengali nationality 45 days

    Ugandan nationality 14 days

    Ethiopian nationality 20 days

    The Sri Lankan nationality is 45 days

    From Nepal 45 days

  • What skills do the experienced maid have?

    Cooking, cleaning, elder care and childcare skills are available for maids and female workers

  • Can you bring workers to a commercial company in Jordan?

    Workers are brought in Jordan via the office of the maids and the office of domestic workers only

  • Do you have a servant with ten years' experience?

    The maids and workers are very experienced and workers can be brought in without experience

  • What are the medical tests for bringing raw material in Jordan from Ugandan nationality?

    The recruitment of maids from Uganda includes a medical examination of infectious and infectious diseases

  • Do you have insurance against accidents and life?

    Workers in Jordan are insured through insurance companies through recruitment offices, including insurance of accidents and death

  • Do you have a month trial period?

    Laws of the Jordanian Ministry of Labor regarding the offices of the recruitment of workers and raw materials in Jordan obligates the recruitment office to guarantee for one month from the date of entry of the worker country

  • Can you bring in a monthly contract?

    Workers can not be hired by a monthly contract, but maids can be hired on an annual basis

  • Can you bring a babysitter for the elderly?

    The recruitment office in Jordan can recruit the elderly and provide workers to help people with special needs

  • Can you bring a babysitter?

    Babies, nannies, maids or servants can be brought in through a Jordanian recruitment office

  • How can I choose the best operator for me?

    You can search for telephone numbers for recruiting workers in Jordan or search for the best recruiting office in Jordan or a recruitment office in Jordan via search engines

  • Can I bring a maid of Nigerian nationality to Jordan?

    A female worker of Nigerian nationality can not be brought to Jordan

    Workers from the Philippines can be brought in Jordan

    Recruitment of a Sri Lankan worker to Jordan

    Bringing a worker from Bangladesh to Jordan

    Recruitment of a worker from Nepal to Jordan

    Recruitment of a worker from Ethiopia to Jordan 

  • What papers are required to renew residence?

    Recruitment offices for Filipinos, Filipinos, Ethiopians and Sri Lankans require the following documents to renew the annual residence: Medical examination for the worker - Insurance - Family book

  • What papers are required to bring a worker to an Iraqi citizen?

    Recruitment offices in Jordan The following documents are required from the Iraqi sponsor: Statement of bank guarantee - for the annual establishment of husband and wife

  • What are the securities required to bring a worker for the first time

    The following documents are required: - Account statement - Family book - The identity of the sponsor